Tuesday, April 24, 2018

ADI Traffic School

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The Florida DMV tracks the status of millions of Florida drivers licenses. A key component of your driver license status is the number of points you acquire for violations. Drivers that acquire too many points have their drivers license suspended. Those drivers that have their license suspended for points, as a habitual traffic offender, or by court order are required to complete a 12 hour traffic school course called Advanced Driver Improvement.

Where to Find ADI Online

The Florida Drivers Association is currently one of the only providers offering ADI Online.

The Benefits of ADI

Completing an ADI course is commonly required as the first step toward getting your drivers license back. Many Florida drivers can acquire a hardship drivers license by providing proof of registration for a Florida 12 hour ADI traffic school course.

ADI - Advance Driver Improvement Now Online

The ADI traffic school class has historically only been available in a classroom setting. Many times this made it very difficult for Florida Drivers to attend an ADI class as they might have to travel and stay in a hotel. As of January 2006, 12 Hour Traffic School is now available online from only a few sources.

ADI Online

The benefits of an online ADI course are many.

Students can complete the course from anywhere all they need is a computer on the Internet. For Floridians that are out of town temporarily or permanently the online ADI class is a real solution.

The required 12 hours can be completed in multiple sessions allow students to come and go and complete their ADI requirements on their schedule.

This new online version of ADI (12 hour Florida traffic School) shows how the DMV in Florida is taking advantage of technology to deliver better service to Florida drivers.