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Chevy Trucks

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Chevy Pickup Trucks

In 1911, Chevrolet started selling their first car. By 1918, Chevrolet rolled out its first truck, the Model 490 Light Delivery chassis cowl. The Model 490 was rated for 1,000 lb. payload capacity and sold for $595. It included the front sheet metal (the hood, front fenders, grille, headlights), engine, transmission, and steering components. Customers purchased their own cab and body from independent body makers.

The Chevy trucks have evolved into hard working utility vehicles like the Avalanche to the classy looking SSR truck with a vintage look. Listed below are some great Chevy Truck resources for owners and enthusiasts.

Chevrolet Avalanche Truck - Chevy calls it the ultimate utility vehicle. Read up on the Avalanche, Chevy's high end truck, on the specifications, warranty, and standard and optional accessories.

Chevy Colorado Truck - This mid-sized truck comes with a V-6 engine and options for regular, extended, and crew cab.

Chevy Silverado Truck - A full-size truck with several model options from half-ton and hybrid to the 3500 series.

Vintage Chevrolet Club of America - This non-profit organization is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of 1911 to 1980 Chevrolet trucks and cars.

Chevy trucks come in a variety of models from the SSR with a classic look to the durability of the Avalanche, Colorado, and Silverado Chevy trucks.

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