Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Florida DMV Privacy

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Privacy of Florida Driver Information

Florida State laws dictate that motor vehicle and drivers license records maintained by the Florida DMV can be disclosed to the public in certain situations. Florida has a Privacy Protection Act that keeps your personal information private by placing limits on who can access the information.

The Florida Driver Privacy Protection Act (DPPA)

Your motor vehicle and drivers license records include information such as your social security, drivers license number, address, phone number and medical or disability information. The DPPA limits access to this information.

Information not protected by the DPPA includes car accidents that take place during a traffic violation and your current driver status - drivers license status. This information is not considered personal information.

Who has Access to Personal Information

Specific organizations, businesses, individual people, and government agencies will have access to the information deemed personal. Following are examples:

Disclose Your Information

If you want your information disclosed you can complete the personal information disclosure form. If you decided you want to cancel the disclosure of your personal information you can complete the request to withhold personal information form.