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Florida Drivers License Rules

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There are a lot of rules you need to know to drive in Florida. The drivers manual is 95 pages long and packed with information on everything from road signs and road rules to what to do in an accident.

Here you will find common questions we receive from Florida drivers.


Florida Drivers Manuals    What to do in a Traffic Accidnet

Drivers License Fees    Florida Drivers License Tests

Florida Driving Records

How Traffic School Works

Clear explanations about your choices if you receive a traffic ticket in Florida.

Replacing a Lost Florida Drivers License

If you lose your driver license you can replace it but you should take certain precautions.

Many DMV forms are online

Get the Florida DMV form you need online. Here you will find almost any DMV form you need.

Free DMV practice tests

Free practice tests for the Florida road signs and road rules exams to get a Florida drivers license

Turning the Right and Left Way

Make sure you know the correct way to turn left and right and you will avoid accidents.

Reacting to Emergency Vehicles

It's your responsibility to recognize police, fire, or other emergency vehicles and get out of their way.

Florida Driver Manuals

Almost any question you have about getting a drivers license in Florida can be answered in one of the Florida driver manuals.

Seat Belt Laws

Anyone driving a car, truck, or van in Florida must follow the state seat belt laws. Wearing a safety belt will protect you and save you a $30 fine.

Behind the Wheel Driving Test

When you get your drivers license you will be required to take a driving test at the DMV. What exactly are you expected to do?

Florida Drunk Driving

The State of Florida takes drinking and driving very serious. Be aware of the standards and penalties for DUI in Florida.

Florida Traffic Accidents - Your Responsibilities

Accidents happen so it's a good idea to know a head of time what you are required to do if you are involved in a crash in Florida.

Drivers License Fees

A common question is what is going to cost for a variety of services related to getting, or renewing a drivers license. See a full schedule of Florida DMV fees.

Drivers License Tests

No matter if you are getting your learners permit, restricted license, operators license, commercial drivers license (CDL), or motorcycle license you have to take a test.

Florida Driving Records

Get a copy of your driving records or another drivers records if you are a hiring company or insurance company.

Speeding in a School Zone.

Speeding in a school zone or construction zone will result in a huge fine.