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Florida Government

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The State of Florida has over 17 million residents and is growning at twice the national average. In an effort to keep up with this growth and the resulting demands on state goverment many departments are now online. Below you will find descriptions of major Florida departments and links to their online services.

Department of Health

Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

Department of Education

Department of Elder Affairs Services

Department of Financial Services

Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation

more departments coming

State of Florida Departments

State of Florida - Department of Health

The department of health focuses on health protection, promotion and prevention, and health treatment. They also provide reports and statistics, birth and death certificates, and licenses and permits related to drugs and drug devices. Other services focus on mothers and children.

State of Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

The Florida department of highway safety and motor vehicles is responsible for drivers license, motor vehicles, and the highway patrol.

State of Florida - Department of Education

The Florida department of education manages all public schools, community colleges and technical centers, and colleges and universities in Florida. On the DOE website you will find resources for students, parents, and educators.

There are over 2,500,000 public school students in Florida in more than 3,600 schools. The Florida Department of Education is responsible for all public schools including Florida High Schools, Middle Schools, and Elementary Schools.

Shortcut:   Florida School Districts

State of Florida - Department of Elder Affairs

The Florida department of elder affairs is responsible administering human services programs for the elderly. Elder Affairs provides a vareity of services ranging from health care and food safety to senior centers and veterans affairs.

State of Florida Department of Financial Services

The Florida department of financial services is a combination of several departments. It now includes Insurance, Consumer Services, Insurance Fraud, Administration, the State Fire Marshall, and more.

State of Florida Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation

The Florida department of fish and wildlife conservation creates the rules for protecting Floridas fish and wildlife. It is a combination of the former game and fresh water fish commission, marine fisheries commission, and parts of the florida department of environmental protection. It includes the Marine Patrol.