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Florida Online Traffic School

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Florida drivers that recieve a traffic ticket can in most cases complete a DMV Approved traffic school course to avoid points on their drivers license. The Florida department of motor vehicles approves all traffic school courses.

This section provides a list of traffic school courses approved online by the Florida DMV. For each online course we have provided a link to an approved course.

State of Florida Online Traffic School Courses

For a Speeding Ticket or Moving Viloation

Florida Basic Driver Improvement - 123Driving.com - $27.39

Drivers that receive a speeding ticket or moving viloation can take a Florida online traffic school course once in a 12 month period and 5 times in their life. To get credit for completing this course you must provide a copy of your certificate of completion to the clerk of court in the county where you received your ticket. The traffic school provider will send you a traffic school certificate.

Driving Record

Need a copy of your driving record? Get a 3 year, 5 year, or complete drivers history online via email instantly.

Traffic School Certificate

When you register for a Florida traffic school course you should be required to enter your name, address, drivers license number, citation number, and the county where you received your ticket. All this information should appear on the traffic school certificate you receive.

We recommend you select a provider that is located in Florida.

Florida Drivers Association

Judge Ordered (court ordered) Online

8 Hour intermediate driver improvement Online - $60

Florida 8 hour traffic school is usually taken because a judge or court orders you to take an 8 hour Intermediate Driver Improvement course.

Some Florida counties are allowing drivers to take an 8 hour course if they have already taken a 4 hour traffic school course in the last 12 months.

Florida Mature Driver Course Online

Shortcut:Florida Mature Driver

If you are driver with a Florida drivers license that is 55 or older you qualify for a mandatory discount on your auto insurance of 10% a year if you complete the Florida Auto Insurance Discount Course.

We recommend you check with your auto insurance company before completing this six hour course. In some cases you may have been given a seniors discount.

The typical savings for completing the mature driver insurance discount course is $100 a year for three years for a total of $300.

12 Hour Traffic School (ADI) - All Online, No Classroom

12 hour traffic school also know as ADI (advanced driver improvement) is typically taken for excessive points. If you are in danger of getting your license suspended or have already had your drivers license suspended then a judge may allow you to take this course. In the case of a suspended license taking the 12 hour course may allow you to get a hardship license to drive to and from work.

12 hour traffic school is now available online. The online ADI class was approved by the Florida DMV in 2006. You can complete the ADI course all online with no classroom. The online ADI class lets you complete up to 6 hour of the class in a 24 hour period. So at a minimum it will take your two days to finish it. You can also take longer if you wish.

An Online class is a good choice for many reasons. It allows you to complete your course on your schedule a little at a time. And you can login from any computer.