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Florida Traffic Schools

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The Florida Department of Motor Vehicles regulates the approval of traffic school courses for Florida drivers. The most common driving course taken is basic driver improvement (for a ticket).

Florida Traffic Schools

Traffic School News

12 traffic school (ADI) now available online

Until today (January 19, 2006) the only way to take a Florida 12 hour traffic school class was to sit in a classroom for 12 hours. Now can complete your 12 hour traffic school for a hardship license or to satisfy a court order online.

Florida Traffic School Laws

Each state manages the rights and privileges it assigns drivers. In Florida the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DMV) administers drivers license rules and regulations. In some situations the Florida DMV may require you to take traffic school. In other situations you may elect to take traffic school.

Required Traffic School

You must complete a driver improvement course (TCAC - traffic collision avoidance course) in the following circumstance:

Save on Auto Insurance

In some cases you may choose to attend a basic driver improvement course to receive insurance discount. The discount is solely at the discretion of your car insurance company. Contact your insurance agent and ask if they will give you a discount for completing the basic driver improvement course.

Electing to Attend Traffic School

If you receive a speeding ticket or moving violation you may elect to complete basic driver improvement and receive the following benefits:

A Note About Points

When you receive a speeding ticket or moving violation in Florida a case is opened in the Florida county where you received the ticket. You are expected to pay your fine and inform the county clerk of your election.

You usually have three choices when you receive a Florida traffic ticket. Pay the Full Fine, Elect Traffic School, or Challenge it in Court.

Pay The Full Fine

Points are assigned and your case is closed. Once points are assigned there is no process to remove them

Elect Traffic School and pay the traffic school fine amount

Your case is kept open

You are expected to complete a state approved traffic school course and submit your certificate of completion to the clerk of court in the county where you received your ticket.

When the clerk receives your certificate your case is closed and no points are assigned.