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Ford Recall

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Ford Recall - Wednesday September 7, 2005

Ford issued a recall of F-150 and several SUVs made between 1994 and 2002 because of engine fires caused by the cruise control switch system. If your Ford is affected by the recall you will be contacted by mail immediately. You can also check yourself by going to the Ford recall website

Enter your VIN (vehicle identification number) number and the system will tell you if your vehicle has a recalled part. Even if you don't have one of these vehicles it's a good idea to for recalls. You never know if a recall notice did not get to you or if a previous owner ignored one.

Recalled Products

If you want to check another vehicle type or any product related to vehicles like a child car seat that has been recalled check the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration office of defects. You can search for a vehicle, file a complaint, and view safety recalls and service bulletins related to vehicles and related products.

Fords Effected

The specific Ford vehicles affected by the recall are listed below:

The potential problem is that brake fluid could leak through the cruise control deactivation switch into the systems electrical components. The leaking fluid can cause corrosion which in turn can cause a build up of electrical current that can cause overheating and a fire.

Fiixing the Fords

To fix the potential problem Ford will install a wiring harness that includes a fused circuit breaker. The circuit breaker is designed to cut off electrical current to the switch. While the scenario for engine fire to actually happen sounds fairly remote there are currently 1,170 cases related to the affected vehicles being investigate by the NHTSA.