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Florida Car Accident Deaths

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Florida Highways Continue to be Deadly

FHP investigates 31 Deaths durin July Holiday
The Florida Highway Patrol reported on July 9, 2007 that 31 people were killed in car accidents on Florida highways over the six day 4th of July holiday weekend. These are only accidents investigated by the FHP. The preliminary car accident numbers are nearly identical to the 2006 statistics.

Seat Belts Still Unbuckled

According the FHP 67 percent of the people killed in car accidents they investigated were not wearing a seatbelt. Drivers should be aware you will be ticketed and pay a fine for not wearing a seat belt.

DUI on Florida Highways

Florida Highway Patrolman charged 167 people with driving under the influence, issued speed tickets to 7,589 drivers, provided roadside assistance to 4,225 motorists, and issued 1,426 seat belt violations between July 3 and July 8, 2007.

2,270 Car Accidents
During the 4th of July the Florida Highway Patrol investigated 2,270 car accidents on Florida roads and highways. Below are details of the 31 traffic deaths investigated by the FHP.

Date Troop County Fatality Alcohol Related Restraints
7/4/07 A Escambia Driver Pending Yes
7/3/07 A Bay Driver Pending Yes
7/4/07 B Marion Driver Pending No
7/3/07 B Levy Driver No Yes
7/3/07 C Hillsborough Driver No No
7/5/07 C Pinellas Driver Pending No
7/6/07 C Pinellas Pedestrian No N/A
7/6/07 C Pasco Driver Pending No
7/7/07 C Hernando Driver Pending No
7/8/07 C Hernando Driver Pending No
*7/6/07 D Lake Driver Pending No
*7/6/07 D Lake Passenger Pending Yes
*7/8/07 E Miami-Dade Driver Pending No
*7/8/07 E Miami-Dade Passenger Pending No
7/6/07 E Monroe Pedestrian Pending N/A
7/4/07 F Sarasota Driver No Yes
7/7/07 F Lee Pedestrian Pending N/A
7/7/07 F Manatee Go-Cart Driver Pending N/A
*7/7/07 F Lee Driver Pending No
*7/7/07 F Lee Passenger Pending No
7/8/07 F Manatee Bicyclist Pending N/A
7/8/07 F Desoto Driver Pending No
7/6/07 G Union Driver Pending No
7/7/07 H Wakulla Driver Pending No
7/8/07 H Taylor Bicyclist Pending N/A
7/6/07 K St. Lucie Passenger No No
7/7/07 K Orange Pedestrian Pending N/A
7/6/07 L St. Lucie Driver Pending No
7/6/07 L St. Lucie Driver Pending Yes
7/8/07 L St. Lucie Driver Pending Yes
7/8/07 L Palm Beach Driver Pending Yes

Statistics are from the Florida Highway Patrol