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Learner Permit Answers

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Florida Learner Permit Questions and Answers

With all the laws, rules, classes, and tests you must take there are many questions about how to get your learners permit and when and where you can drive with a Florida learners permit.

Always remeber that you can NEVER Drive Alone with a Learners Permit in Florida You must always have a licensed driver in the seat closest to you.

Getting Your Learners Permit in Florida

When you turn 15 years old in Florida you are eligible to get your Learner License (AKA Learners Permit) - here are the steps:

The DMV Test (Permit Test)

Before anyone (regardless of age) can get their first drivers license or learner permit in Florida they must pass the DMV Test. Before you can take the DMV test you must complete the DATA course, which is the Drug, Alcohol, Traffic Awareness class.

The DMV test is comprised of 50 questions. The questions are primarily on the rules and regulations of driving in Florida and there are some Road Signs you must identify. You must get at least 40 answers correct - 80% to pass the test. When you take the Permit Test online it is timed and you are give 60 minutes for completion.

Testing at Local DMV office

To take the DMV test at your local DMV office it is best to use the Florida DMV online appointment system and make an appointment. You should arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment and be prepared to spend at least two hours at the DMV office.

Taking the DMV test Online

As of July 6, 2011 the DMV Test CAN BE TAKEN all ONLINE if you are under 18.

To Pass Your DMV Test The First Time we recommend you Take your DATA course online with a traffic school that also offers a DMV Test Preparation Course.

To prepare for the 50 question DMV Test you have two options - Study the drivers manual or Take an Online DMV Preparation Course and Practice Test. We recommend you take an online preparation course with practice tests.