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New Car Pricing Made Easy

There are two kinds of car buyers, those that pay the sticker price and those that don't. Today you can be an informed buyer, pay thousands under sticker price and not have to be a professional negotiator. The sticker price is what uninformed buyers pay.

The first step to buying a new car at the right price is to get a detailed report on what the dealer pays for the car - the dealer invoice. Most new cars come in different trims, from the basic model up to the loaded car with leather seats and other features. Find the dealer invoice for the specific car you want. Next look at options. Just like the car, the options are marked up by the dealer.

Car Dealer Incentives

Now that you have the exact car you want and know what the dealer paid for it you are ready to go buy your car, right? Not exactly. Dealers are commonly offered incentives by the car maker that they receive after the car is sold. The most common incentive is called a "Dealer Holdback". Edmunds.comcar prices does a great job of explaining dealer holdback and how car dealers use it to make it appear they are giving cars away.

Incentives and Rebates are one of the best ways to lower the price of your new car purchase. Car salesman won't necessarily tell you about all the incentives and rebates being offered so you must know ahead of time and not be afraid to ask for them. Most car makers list their current special offers online. Sites like Automotive.comcar list all the car makers incentives, rebates, and special financing offers.

Knowing the True Car Price

For about $12 you can get a detailed price report on the new car you want to buy from consumer reports. We recently tested out their system and found it to be comprehensive. For new car pricing you have two choices - the new car buying kit or the new car pricing service.

The new car buying kit gives you unlimited car price reports and allows you to compare cars side-by-side. The new car price report delivers a detailed report on a single vehicle for $12. It includes every option of your vehicle with dealer invoice pricing and determines a "Consumer Reports Wholesale Price". Both reports provide details on rebates and unadvertised dealer incentives. With these resources at your fingertips there is no excuse for paying the sticker price. We recommend you not even look at the sticker until after you buy the car so you can see how much you saved.

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