Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Florida Personal Injury lawyer

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Car Accidents

Many car accidents are just that accidents and no one is at fault. In those cases suing someone is not a good idea and only helps to drive up auto insurance rates. But some car accidents are the result of negligence.

Negligence can be on the part of a driver, a company that made a vehicle, or others that cause an accident. If you feel that need a personal injury lawyer for an accident in Florida we have listed a few resources to get you started.

In 2006 there were over 256,000 car accidents in Florida. That is an average of 702 car accidents per day. And in those car accidents there were over 200,000 injuries. Many of these accidents (over 22,000) were alcohol related.

The Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers - Legal resources to help Florida consumers find the latest news of the Florida legal system and trial lawyers.

The Florida BAR - The Florida Bar handles complaints against attorneys, provides the latest legal information to the public and offers legal aid in certain cases.

Once you decide that you need a personal injury lawyer it is important to do research to make sure you find an attorney that specializes in the are that you need help with and has the resources to provide you the best possible chance of success.

DMVFlorida.org does not recommend specific attorneys but the resources we have provided should assist you in finding a qualified personal injury lawyer licensed in the state of Florida.