Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Senior Driver Safety

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Florida DMV Driving Laws

Florida and California both have large senior citizen populations and therefore many drivers that are senior citizens. Both states offer a variety of programs to assist senior drivers and their families stay safe on the road and decide when itís time to stop driving.

Florida Safety Resource Center

Developed by the University of Florida, the Florida Senior Safety Resource Center provides tools to keep driving skills sharp, tests to determine if you should consider not driving, and information on how to get around without a car.

Florida Grand Driver

Based at FAU, Florida Grand Driver offers evaluations both in their office and on the road. Both evaluations deliver an independent voice that help families deal with the difficulty of giving up your driving privilege.

California Senior Driver

California has over 5 million drivers that are over 55 years old. This population of older drivers is growing every year and so do the challenges. As accidents involving senior drivers are attributed directly to slow reaction time, confusion, or other age related factors California is stepping up its efforts to help seniors.

Elder Safety

Seniors face many of the same issues that effect younger drivers but in some cases the effects can be enhanced because of age. From road rage to driving an driving, California Seniors drivers need to be aware of their driving attitude.