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Taylor County DMV Guide

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Located about 1 hour south of Tallhasse - the capital of Florida - Taylor County has excellent hunting, fishing, and boating. Secluded beaches on the Gulf of Mexico make Taylor county a popular tourist destination. Perry is center of activity in Taylor county with the bulk of the 20,000 Taylor county residents.


Taylor County Services

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Many government services provided at the county level are available from either the DMV Office or the Clerk of Court - also known as the Clerk of the Ciruit Court. The DMV focuses on licenses and tags for anything that you drive including cars, boats, motorcycles, trucks, RVs and more.

Your Clerk of Court delivers an enormous amount of services. Examples include your civil and criminal courts, bail bonds, boating and fishing citations, traffic citations, marriage licenses, adoptions, jury service, parking, passports, and many more.

Taylor County DMV Offices & Services

Your Taylor County DMV offices provide vehicle registration, drivers licenses, ID cards, tag and title services for cars, trucks, trailers, vessels and mobile homes.

Registration, Tag and Title Services

You can also contact the DMV office for specialty tags, disability parking permits, and transferring a motor vehicle or boat/vessel title. Many of Taylor's Florida DMV services are available online or by phone to save you time.

Moving to Florida

If you are a new Florida resident, you are required to register your vehicle within ten days and get a Florida drivers license within 30 days. If you have an out-of-state drivers license and it has not expired beyond 30 days you can convert your license without taking a written or road test. If you need a drivers license for the first time you must complete a Florida DMV approved four-hour Drug and Alcohol (DATA) course and DMV test on road signs and road rules.

Car Registration and Auto Insurance

Before registering your vehicle, you must obtain Florida Auto Insurance and have verification of the VIN number. The auto insurance must be purchased from an insurance company licensed by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation. Florida's minimum coverage is $10,000 personal injury protection (PIP) and $10,000 property damage liability (PDL). If you have been involved in a crash, or been convicted of certain offenses, you may be required to purchase bodily injury liability coverage (BIL).

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) can be validated with a manufacturers Certificate of Origin if the vehicle is new. If it is not new, the VIN must be verified with a HSMV 82042 form from Taylor tax collector office and signed by a Florida notary, DMV compliance examiner, law enforcement officer, or a licensed dealer in Florida.

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