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Florida Traffic Tickets 2004

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Traffic Tickets in Big Florida Counties

4.4 Million Traffic Tickets in Florida in 2004

Each year the Florida DMV compiles a report on the traffic citations issued in the state of Florida. The data is from county courts and law enforcement agencies. Many of the trends are encouraging such as the total number of traffic tickets only increasing 1 percent and child restraint violations decreasing by 9 percent.

Drivers that receive a speeding ticket or other traffic ticket can in many cases take a traffic school class and avoid any negative effect on their driver license.

The number of DUI violations and convictions is troubling as the numbers increased considerably.

Florida County Data

All the traffic citation data including each violation type, the number of drivers electing driver improvement school, and convictions is broken down by counties. As expected the larger counties including Miami Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Hillsborough, Duval, Orange, Pinellas, and Brevard incurred the most traffic tickets.

Traffic Ticket Summary

Below is a summary of the findings of the Florida DMV for 2004 traffic citations issued.

Total Traffic Tickets

The number of traffic tickets issued was 4,361,619, which is 1 percent more than the 4,418,401 tickets written in 2003.

DUI Violations

DUI violations of 68,625 in 2004 are a 5 percent increase from 2003 when there were 65,113.

DUI Convictions

Drivers convicted of DUI increased in 2004 to 45,926. That is an increase of 9% from 42,167 in 2003.

Seat Belt Violations

The number of seat belt violations for all drivers decreased 17% from 317,743 in 2003 to 263,399 in 2004.

Seat Belt Violations - Passengers Under 18

Passengers under the age of 18 that resulted in seat belt violations dropped to 13,085 in 2004 from 15,203 in 2003.

Seat Belt Violations - Passengers Over 18

Passengers over the age of 18 that resulted in seat belt violations dropped to 23,687 in 2004 from 28,209 in 2003 - a decrease of 16 percent.

Child Restraint Violations

Child restraint violations in Florida dropped to 17,181 in 2004 from 18,871 in 2003. That is a decrease of 9 percent but still too many children not properly buckled in.

The data presented above is a summary. More specific and complete information is available and will be presented here as it prepared.