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Tires with the Best Treadwear

Tire tread is important for your tires to grip the road well. It helps prevent your vehicle from slipping and sliding in bad weather. The higher the treadwear number, the longer it should take your tread to wear down. To measure treadwear, the NHTSA used a control tire with a grade of 100 to help with the driver education process. When tested against the control tire, if a tire received a 200 grade it meant the tire should last twice as long.

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Of the 2,400 tires tested 8% received 501 or higher rating; 20% received 401 to 500; 32% received 301-400; 25% received 201-300 rating; and, 15% received 200 or below rating. Some of the brands that received a rating of 400 or better are Goodyeargoodyear tires, Michelin, Uniroyaluniroyal tires, and many more. See a full list of brands.

By doing a little homework you can get longer lasting tires.

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Good Tire Tread Lasts Longer

Try out The Tire Rack's Upgrade Garage to build a complete performance upgrade for your vehicle. Tires, wheels, brakes, suspension.car upgradesBy selecting tires with tread that lasts longer you are going to save yourself a lot of money. Replacing your tires is expensive. A set of four new tires for Ford Explorer can run as much as $500. Take a little time, learn how long the different brands and models will last and you can save yourself a lot.