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Used Cars Online

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There are several methods for purchasing a used car today that will yield a quality vehicle with a warranty. CARFAX Vehicle History Reports and certified pre-owned cars with warranties from the dealer make it easy to buy a used car with confidence. And there is the savings.

New cars lose about 60% of their value in the first four years. So purchasing a used car will typically save you a lot of money. Most car dealers list their used cars on the major online car sites. Most of the car manufacturers provide a warranty if the car is within certain guidelines.

Online Guides to Pre Owned Cars

cars.comcar prices online has detailed information on each manufacturers warranty program for their certified pre-owned cars in their Advice Section.

Find your next car with Free Price Quotes at Put in your zip code and search through thousands of pre owned cars.

Florida Online Auto Insurance Quotes

Another benefit to pre-owned cars is lower auto insurance rates.

Below we have provided a few of the companies that make it easy to get an insurance quote for a florida car. Our Auto Insurance section will explain the state of Florida reqiurements for auto insurance.

InsureMe.comcar isurance quotes makes it easy to Shop and Compare multiple Auto Insurance quotes for insurance quote

Buying a Used car in Florida

Before you buy a used car in Florida there are a few steps yous should take as follows:

Get a Vehicle History Report

If you are buying a used car then we recommend CARFAX Vehicle History Reports. To get a Vehicle History Report you will need the VIN number.

Every vehicle made in the last twenty years has a 17 digit identification number that is used to track all service and repairs done to the vehicle. The cost of a report on your next vehicle should range from $15 to $30 but can save you thousands.

Determine Your Monthly Payment

If you will be financing your car then it's best to figure out your loan before you go to pick out your car. There are several online services that will get you multiple auto loan quotes if you fill out a simple application online. Then you can decide which loan is best for you.

Below we have listed a few of the leading online auto loan sites.

1-800 AUTOYES!car loans fast They're focus is to make it fast and easy, which can come in handy when you find the perfect car and can't wait.