Sunday, March 18, 2018

Florida Voter Registration

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Register To Vote at Your DMV Office

If you are a new Florida resident or need to update your Voter registration you can complete your voter registration tasks while you are at your local driver license office. Most Florida driver license officers will ask you if you would like to complete the following tasks:

If you complete your voter registration tasks at your local drivers license office the information is then forwarded to your local county supervisor of elections office. The Florida Division of Elections part of the Florida Department of State is responsible for voter registration in Florida.

To register to vote in Florida You must:

Full voter registration requirements are listed on the Division of Elections.

Voter Registration Deadline

You must register to vote 29 days before an election in order to vote in that election. The voter registration books are closed 29 days before each election and remain closed until after that election.

2006 Election Registration Deadlines

Voter Registration Forms

Florida voter registration forms are available in both English and Spanish. Before submitting your voter registration form double check that you have completed all required information and signed the form.