ADI Traffic School

The Florida DMV tracks the status of millions of Florida drivers licenses. A key component of your driver license status is the number of points you acquire for violations. Drivers that acquire too many points have their drivers license suspended. Drivers with license suspensions for points are considered habitual traffic offenders and are required to complete a 12 hour traffic school course called Advanced Driver Improvement. Other times court orders require the completion of ADI course.

ADI Course Online DMV Approved

The Florida Drivers Association provides DMV approved ADI courses online.

ADI Benefits

Completing an ADI course is commonly required as the first step toward getting your drivers license re-instated. Many Florida drivers can acquire a Hardship Drivers License by providing proof of registration for a Florida 12 hour ADI traffic school course as soon as they register for the course.

ADI - Advance Driver Improvement Online Course

ADI traffic school courses are available in both classroom and online. The advantage of online courses include starting immediately, access the course 24/7, and log in and out on your own schedule.

Enrollment Letter - as soon as you register for the ADI course you should receive an Enrollment Letter. This letter is needed to apply for a Hardship License. The Hardship License allows you to drive to and from work and for business purposes only.

The required 12 hours can be completed in multiple sessions allowing students to come and go and complete their ADI requirements on their schedule. The maximum hours per day you can complete online is 6 hours.

Completion Deadline - typically the ADI registration doesn't expire for 90 days giving you plenty of time to complete the course. However if you have a court order then the deadline for completion date may be sooner. Always check the required deadline for ADI completion.

Drivers License Suspension Points

Florida Drives Licenses are suspended for a specific time based on points accumulated. At the end of the suspension the driver can apply for reinstatement of a drivers license by completing the ADI course online and pay a reinstatement fee. During the suspension period, a driver can apply for a Hardship License allow them to drive for business purposes only.

Point System for Suspended Licenses:

  • 12 points in 12 months is a 30 day suspension
  • 18 points in 18 months is a 3 month suspension
  • 24 points in 36 months is a 1 year suspension

Driving Record

Obtain a Complete Florida Driving Record to view the status of your driving history and to make corrections if needed.

3 Crashes in 3 Years

If convicted of a third traffic crash within a 36 month period (3 years) the DMV requires you complete the 12 hour ADI Course, complete a 4 hour behind the wheel driving course with a commercial driving school, and pass a road test with a drivers license examiner.