Car Insurance Quotes

Comparing Car Insurance Rates

There are a variety of online car insurance quote systems that can get you quotes from multiple companies. Depending on your driving record you can save hundreds of dollars a year on auto insurance by shopping around.

Before you go online to get your car insurance quotes take a look at your current auto insurance. Make sure you understand the levels of coverage you have for liability, collision, and loss of use of your vehicle. To make a valid evaluation of the quotes you receive online you will want to know your current auto insurance policy in detail.

Current Auto Insurance

To get your car insurance quotes online you will be asked if you are currently insured, the name of your insurance company, and how long you have had your current policy. You will also be asked if you have had any lapses in your car insurance. Some applications will ask your current premium.

Additional information needed to obtain car insurance quotes include the number of vehicles, the number of drivers, and a description of your credit history. Credit history is used to evaluate drivers for risk.

Before you submit any personal information to an auto insurance website you should check for two things. Does the website include a privacy policy? A privacy policy states what the site will do with your information and who they will share it with. Never submit information to sites that indicate they will share your information with their "network". This leads to hundreds of unwanted emails (spam.)

Saving on Your Auto Insurance

Once you receive your car insurance quotes, compare them to each other and your current auto insurance policy. In most cases you will find you can save hundreds of dollars.

Online Car Insurance Quote Providers

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