Florida Learners Permit

Teens in Florida can get their Learner Permit at age 15. There are 2 steps that must be completed first — Take the DATA Course and pass the Florida Permit Test. Both of these requirements can be completed online.

Shortcuts to Approved Courses:

State of Florida Authorized Learner Permit DATA (drugs, alcohol, traffic, awareness) Course and Permit Test:

State of Florida Authorized DATA Course

Curso DATA en español

State of Florida Authorized Permit Test

Examen de Permiso de Florida en español

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Florida Learner Permit Course Requirements

To obtain a Learners Permit in the state of Florida you must complete: 1) The 4-hour DATA (Drug Alcohol Traffic Awareness) Course; and, 2) Florida Permit Test which covers Road Signs and Traffic Laws.

Once you complete the two state requirements (DATA Course and Permit Exam) you are then eligible to apply for a Florida Learners Permit. If under age 18 at the time of application, you must bring a parent or legal guardian or signed parental consent form along with required documents.

Learners Permit Overview

Starting at age 14 you are eligible to take the DATA Course. at 14½ you can take the Florida Permit Exam. Both available online. Age 18 or older the Florida Permit Exam must be taken at a DMV office — it is not available online for ages 18 and older (only the DATA Course can be taken online for ages 18 and older.)

At age 15 or older and after you've completed the DATA Course and Permit Test you are then eligible to obtain a Florida Learners Permit. Under the age of 18 you must have a Learners Permit for 12 months (1 year) before you are eligible for a Drivers License.

DATA Course (Drug Alcohol Traffic Awareness)

The DATA Course also referred to as TLSAE (Traffic & Law Substance Abuse Education.) This course must be completed by anyone getting their first drivers license or learner permit in Florida. It is a 4 hour online course that teaches how drugs, alcohol, mood, and other factors effect your ability to drive.

How It Works: DATA Course

The DATA Course is also referred to as the TLSAE (Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education) and DATE Course (Drug Alcohol Traffic Education.)

Age 14 and older are eligible to complete the DATA Course online. This is a state required course for anyone getting their first drivers licenses and learners permits in the state of Florida.

A minimum of 4 hours must be spent on the course material and a passing grade is a final exam score with 80% accuracy or better. Course allows you to log in and out on your own schedule.

DATA topics include:

  1. Physiological Factors — how alcohol and drugs affect the body including your brain, nervous system, judgment, and reaction time.
  2. Psychological Factors — how alcohol and drugs use can lead to abuse and addiction.
  3. Society and Economic Implications — how the use of alcohol and drug while driving leads to negligent behavior effecting sober drivers, family, and friends. And the costs associated.
  4. Traffic Laws — DUI laws, Zero Tolerance law, and point system are discussed.

Completion — Once the DATA Course is completed your information is automatically transmitted to the state. You need to ensure your name, social security number and birthdate are all accurate before completing the DATA Course so the correct information is transmitted.

Florida Permit Exam

The state required Permit Test covers road signs, road rules and traffic laws. The test material is slightly different than the DATA Course which emphasizes drug and alcohol use. The exam must be passed with 80% accuracy or better.

How It Works: Permit Exam

The Permit Test or Class E Knowledge Exam is comprised of 50 multiple choice questions. Once you obtain 40 correct questions then you pass the exam (80% accuracy.)

Timed Test — 60 minutes are allowed to complete the test.

Topics covered — Road Signs, Traffic Laws, and Road Rules. The questions often are presented in a "scenario" format asking how you would respond to specific situations to help emphasize safe driving practices.

Study the Florida Drivers Handbook and review Permit Practice Tests online. It is important to study in advance as you get three (3) chances to pass the exam online.

Permit Test Online — this Exam can be taken online for ages 14½ to 17.

Age 18 and older must take the Exam at a local DMV Office. It is best to make an appointment especially in more populated counties.

Examples of Permit Test topics include:

  1. Distracted Driving — this is a major cause of car accidents. It is illegal to text while driving, which is becoming a major issue in today's driving environment. Eating, drinking, turning your head to talk to friends and texting are all forms of distracted driving. Your eyes are taken off the road, both hands are not on the wheel and you are thinking of something other than driving. It is important to focus on the road and your surroundings (other drivers) at all times while driving.
  2. Right-of-Way and Intersections — who goes first at intersections, the proper use of signals, the importance of looking out for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcycle drivers, how to properly let emergency vehicles pass on the road, and how to drive in a roundabout to avoid accidents.
  3. Braking and Speed Limits — what is the stopping distance, how speed effects braking distance, how to make a smooth stop to avoid collisions, what are the speed limits on specific roads, speed limits for School Zones and Construction Zones, and how to drive in bad weather or heavy traffic.

DMV Offices

After successfully completing both the DATA course and permit exam, you are then eligible to apply for a Florida Learner's Permit. American Safety Council automatically transmits your information to the State of Florida upon completion. Please note — the DMV office randomly selects teens to re-take Permit Exams for quality assurance checks.

Age 15 to 17: Minors are required to bring a parent or legal guardian to the DMV office to obtain a Learners Permit. If not available, the responsible adult party can sign and have notarized a Parent Consent for a Driver Application of a Minor Form.

Age 18 or Older: The state Exam (on road signs, traffic laws) must be taken at a DMV office once you turn age 18. It is important to study in advance by reading the Florida Drivers Handbook and practice with online Permit Practice Tests. For busy counties, it is advised to make an appointment online.

Required Documents to Bring: You must bring several documents with you to obtain a Learners Permit or first Drivers License in Florida including a Primary Identification; Proof of Social Security Number and Proof of Residential Address. Review a full list of identification requirement documents allowed.