Florida Permit Test

All drivers getting their first drivers license in Florida are required to complete certain steps by Florida Law. This applies to those getting a learner permit or restricted license.

State of Florida Authorized Permit Test

The Permit Test is required in addition to the DATA Course to obtain a learners license or drivers license for the first time.

Florida Permit Exam also called Permit Test is available online for ages 14½ to 17. Age 18 and older must take this test at a local DMV office.

Permit Test covers road signs, traffic laws, and road rules. Whereas, the DATA course focuses more on how drugs and alcohol effect a person and effects their driving abilities.

Step 1 — Drug Alcohol Traffic Awareness Course

The first step to get your drivers license is to complete a Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education course. This course must be taken by anyone — regardless of age — getting their first drivers license in Florida or learners permit. The course is also known as DATA, DATE and TLSAE.

Step 2 — Florida Permit Test Preparation and Practice Test

Once you have completed the DATA course the next step is to prepare for the Florida Permit Test. This is a written test that covers Florida road signs, road rules and traffic laws. The Florida Permit Test is available online for ages 14½ to 17.

Age 18 and older must take the Florida Permit Test at a local DMV office.

How to Prepare for the Florida Permit Test:
Before you take your Florida Permit Test it is important to:

Permit Test topics covered: Braking, Car Accidents, Distracted Driving, DUI, Car Insurance Laws, Making Turns, Parking, Passing, Right of Way, Road Signs, Seat Belt Laws, and Speed Limits.

Step 3 — Take your Florida Permit Test Online or at a local DMV office

Now that you've read the Florida Drivers Handbook and practiced for your exam, the final step in getting your learners permit is to take your Florida Permit Test. The Florida Permit Test can be taken online or at a local DMV office.

Florida Permit Test Sample Questions:

  1. The road rule questions are mostly presented in a scenario format to make sure you know how to react to specific situations when driving.
  2. If you failed to answer a traffic summons, would you be able to renew your license?
  3. If you receive twelve points within twelve months how long will your license be suspended?
  4. Both your judgment and vision are affected after drinking alcohol. Which is affected first?
  5. Can you be issued a ticket for driving too slow?
  6. At what places is it unlawful to overtake and pass?
  7. What is the maximum speed limit in a residential area if there is no speed limit posted?
  8. If your name has been legally changed, how would you go about getting it changed on your driver license?