Florida Vehicles

In Florida all motor vehicles must be registered with the DMV. When you purchase a new vehicle the dealer will typically register the vehicle for you. When you purchase a used vehicle it is your responsibility to register the vehicle within 10 days. The topics below address registering a vehicle in Florida and other related topics.

Florida Vehicles Topics

Requirements to Register a Vehicle

To Register a Vehicle in Florida you must provide the original title and proof of insurance to the local DMV office. Annual registration fees are based on the vehicle weight and range from $27.60 a year up to $45.60 a year for heavier trucks. You can register a vehicle for two years. Please keep your registration in the vehicle at all times.

Bringing a Vehicle to Florida from out of state

If you are moving to Florida and bringing a vehicle into the Sunshine State you must register it with the DMV within 10 days of any of the following:

  • Becoming Employed
  • Placing children in public school
  • Establishing Residency