Vehicle History Reports

You found a used car that you really want. It's exactly what you want in you're favorite color and it even has a top notch sound system. Let's tap the brakes here. Sure the car looks exactly like what you want but what about the things you can't see? Do you know where that car has been?

It's easy to find a quality used car today. But it's also easy to get stuck with a car that stalls in the rain, leaks, or overheats on really hot days. To protect yourself get a vehicle history report. There are several sources for detailed reports on all major repairs and body work done on a vehicle. Currently there are over 700 million vehicles in the system.

Order CARFAX Vehicle History Reports

We recommend CARFAX Vehicle History Reports. They are the industry leader. To get a Vehicle History Report you will need the VIN number. Every vehicle made in the last twenty years has a 17 digit identification number that is used to track all service and repairs done to the vehicle. The cost of a report on your next vehicle should range from $15 to $30 but can save you thousands. Reports typically include the following types of information about a car, motorcycle, or truck.

Armed with this kind of information about a vehicle you can feel much more confident when making your purchase. Also note that Florida has specific laws requiring all vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle, etc) repair shops to register with the state. The Florida Division of Consumer services tracks all vehicle repair shops and requires them to display their registration certificate.

Before you get a car repaired, check for their registration and know your rights. You have a right to written estimate with details including the cost of the repair and an estimated time of completion. Complete details can be found on the Florida Consumer Services website.