Converting Your License to Florida

About 900 people move to Florida every day. That means a lot of new drivers showing up at the local DMV offices. Depending on where you are moving from your valid drivers license may be directly exchanged for a Florida Drivers License.

Already have a Drivers License — Recognized by Florida

If you have a Valid drivers license from another US state it can be exchanged for a Florida Drivers License.

In addition to US drivers licenses Florida recognizes drivers licenses fro select countries. If you do not have a Valid Drivers License Recognized by Florida then you must provide Identification documents accepted by the Florida DMV.

If your drivers license is from one of the following you will not be required to take the Florida Permit Test (knowledge exam). Your Drivers license must be Valid and a Vision Test is Required.

Any US State United States Territories / Possessions United States Military
Canada (see note below) France Germany (Driving Exam required)
Republic of China South Korea Vermont

Canadians can avoid testing requirements if they surrender their Canadian Drivers License. If license is not surrendered then driving exams must be passed

ID Requirements

If you do not have a valid drivers license you must supply the standard ID required to get a Florida Drivers License.

Suspended Drivers Licenses a No Go

If your drivers license is suspended you must clear up the suspension before you will be given a Florida drivers license.

Make an Appointment

To speed up your visit to the Florida DMV make an appointment. The entire process can be done online. To make an appointment you will indicate the type of appointment you want to make — in this case "Convert Out-of-State License to Florida", then you will select the Florida County where you want to visit the DMV.