Florida License Plate

As you drive around Florida you will notice a variety of Florida license plate designs. In addition to the standard state license plate that is most common Florida allows drivers to select from many unique license plates.

Personalized License Plates

If you want to display a personal message on your license plate you will be ordering a personalized license plate. Personalized license plates are available for both cars and motorcycles. For a car you can specify up to seven (7) characters. For a motorcycle you can specify up to 6 characters. You are required to provide an explanation of the message, initials, or other information you are conveying.

To get a personalized or other custom plate you check availability online on the state dmv site or check at your local DMV office.

Florida College and University License Plates

The state of Florida has a license plate for nearly every college or university. Here is a short list of the top ten. The full list can be found on the state dmv site.

Support the Troops

If you are in the Military, were in the Military, or just want to show your support for the Military you can choose from several plates. Here are a few examples.

State Your Cause

Florida also has license plates for a variety of family, environmental, charitable, and other causes. Below are just a few of the license plates you can select from.

All the Florida Specialty License Plates presented here are partial — the full list is much longer and available online or at your local DMV office.