Florida DMV Appointments

The Florida DMV has an online appointment system designed to make it easy to schedule appointments for many DMV services. Getting an appointment at a DMV office is a good idea to reduce your wait time.

If possible try to complete your DMV needs online — the online renewal system GoRenew may be your best choice.

The FL DMV online appointment system is very easy to use and walks you through the process of making an appointment. As you walk through the appointment process the system provides useful information based on your selection. For example if you select first time license, written test, the system will provide links to the requirements for obtaining a Florida Drivers License.

Citizenship Status

The first step is to indicate your citizenship status. Be aware that regardless of your status you will be required to provide the proper identification to confirm your status. You will select from the following:

DMV Service Type

Next is to select the FL DMV service type you need for an appointment. You will select from the following:

DMV Written tests address many topics; a few examples include CDL (Commercial Drivers License), Motorcycle License, and tests to renew a Florida License. Driving tests that can be scheduled include CDL (basic, pre-trip and skills), Class D and E Drivers Licenses, and Motorcycle Skills.

Once you have selected your service type and the specific FL DMV service you are scheduling you will enter your personal information including your name, date of birth, gender, phone number, county, and email address.

Choose Your County and FL DMV Office

The DMV appointment system will prompt you to select the DMV Office where you wish to complete your appointment. If there are multiple offices in your county you may have the opportunity to select the office closest to you. When you specify the FL DMV office you will be presented with a calendar to choose your appointment date.

Select an Appointment Date and Time

The FL DMV appointment system tracks the days that are available for the service you are scheduling and presents you with a list of available days. If there are no appointments available in the current month you can move the calendar forward until you see a date with an available appointment. When you select a date you are presented with a list of available times.

Confirm Your Information

After selecting the type of appointment, Florida DMV office location, the date and time the system presents a summary of all your information and allows you to make any corrections or continue and schedule your appointment. When you confirm your information is correct you are presented with a confirmation screen that you should print.

The FL DMV appointment system confirmation reminds you to arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment and warns that failure to show up on time will result in cancellation of your appointment. Also included is a personal identification number that you can use to cancel your appointment.