New York DMV Information

New York Drivers in Florida

Many New Yorkers spend their winters in Florida and until recently they did not have the traffic school options that Florida Drivers License Holders have. In May of 2009 the New York DMV approved an online defensive driving course. This course should be taken by Drivers with a New York Drivers License

NY Defensive Driving Course

It's important to reiterate that this information is only relevant to those with a New York Drivers License - following is a summary of the NY Defensive Driving Course and it's benefits.

  • The course is completely online - so you can do it from any computer
  • There is a mandatory 10% insurance reduction - so it will save you money
  • Up to 4 points may be removed from your NY driving record

New York Auto Insurance

New York drivers are required to have automobile liability insurance and it can be expensive. You can now save 10% on your Liability Insurance, No-Fault, and Collision Insurance by taking a NY Defensive Driving Course.

Florida Traffic Ticket

If you are a NY Licensed Driver and get a ticket in Florida you must pay the fine. If you do not pay the fine or respond to Florida in an acceptable manner then New York will suspend your drivers license until you pay the fines required by Florida.

New York Licensed drivers that get a ticket in Florida should NOT take a Florida Traffic school course. NY will not assign points to your New York driving record therefore there is NO Benefit for taking Florida Traffic School.

If you get a ticket in New York and you are a NY Licensed driver then there are benefits for taking a New York Defensive Driving Course, as described above.

New York DMV Online Services

If you spend your winters in Florida you appreciate the New York DMV offering online services. Online services offered by the New York DMV include: Drivers License Renewal, Getting a copy of your New York Driving Record, and Scheduling a Road Test.

The entire New York Drivers Manual is online so you can lookup anything you need to know even when you are down in Florida

New York has implemented the Enhanced Drivers License as a result of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004. To get your New York enhanced drivers license or non driver ID Card you must be a New York State Resident and a U.S. Citizen.

Drivers with NY Commercial drivers license can download the New York Commercial Drivers Manual online as well.


Most DMV offices are only open from Monday to Friday.

Typical office hours are from:
8:30 to 4:30pm or 5:00pm

But some counties have an office that opens earlier (7:15am) and stay open later (6:00pm)

Check the location you are going to visit for their schedule.


Not every DMV offices offers the same services. Example — some DMV offices do not offer driving tests (road test)

Check the location you are going to visit for their schedule.