Florida Drivers License Tests

Anyone — regardless of age — getting their first drivers license in Florida is known as a first time driver. Many first time drivers are teenagers getting their learners permit but many are adults getting their first drivers license. All first time drivers are required to complete a traffic law substance abuse education course - these courses are commonly known as DATA, TLSAE, or First Time Driver.

Regardless of the name, completing one of these courses is the first step toward getting a Florida Drivers License. Once a DATA course is completed the second step is to complete the following tests:

Drivers License Testing

The drivers license test is given to determine the following:

Vision Test

If you wear glasses or contact lenses to pass the vision test you will be required to wear them when driving. This will be indicated on your license with restriction code A.

To pass the vision test you must have 20/40 vision or better in each and both eyes with our without corrective lenses.

If your vision is 20/200 in one eye, you must have 20/40 vision in the other eye with or without corrective lenses.

Road Signs Test

The road signs test includes 20 road signs. All questions are multiple choice You are presented a picture of a road sign and must select the correct answer. You will identify road signs by color, shape, or meaning. You must get 15 or more of the road signs correct to pass.

Roald Rules Test

The road rules test includes 20 questions about Florida traffic laws. Answers are presented in a multiple choice format. You must get 15 or more of the road rules correct to pass. In addition to studying all relevant information pay close attention to information related to drinking and driving and blood alcohol levels. Note that there are different rules for drivers under 21 in this area.