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If you're ready to incorporate in Florida here are links to a State Approved provider.

What is a Corporate Kit?

There are many ways to incorporate in Florida. You can use an attorney, do it yourself, or select an online service that specializes in Florida incorporation. We recommend you find a service company that specializes in incorporation.

If you incorporate with a Florida incorporation service online you should expect them to offer a "Corporate Kit". A corporate kit for a company that has incorporated in Florida should include the following:

Minutes and By-Laws

Minutes are written records of meetings of the Board of Directors or stockholders, which document what has transpired during meetings. By-Laws are the corporate "rules" and State of Florida laws under which a corporation conducts its business. It is extremely important for the corporation to maintain these records.

Corporate Seal

A Corporate Seal is a stamp that indicates the corporation's name, state of incorporation (Florida in this case) and date of incorporation.

Stock Certificates

A Stock Certificate is a printed document used to indicate ownership of shares of the Florida corporation. A good corporate kit contains 10 custom-printed stock certificates which may be issued at the discretion of the corporation.

Stock Transfer Ledger

The Stock Transfer Ledger contains a record of the number of shares which have been issued by the Florida corporation, as well as the dates of issuance, stock certificate number and the person or entity to whom the shares were issued

Why do I need a Federal Tax Identification Number (EIN)?

An Employer Identification Number (EIN), also known as a federal tax identification number, is a nine-digit number that the IRS assigns to business entities. This number is used to identify a business entity and to identify taxpayers that are required to file various business tax returns. A business will need to apply for a new EIN if the business is sold or transferred.

With a complete Florida incorporation service, filing for your new EIN should be offered by the provider that completes your incorporation. Simply complete the required information during the registration process and the EIN application will be submitted to the IRS for you.

To apply for a new EIN on your own contact the Internal Revenue Service. You will need to file Form SS-4 with the IRS to receive your EIN and most businesses may apply online. Additional information can be obtained online or call toll free (800) 829-3676 or (800) 829-1040.

What are Bylaws?

Florida incorporation bylaws are generally written to document the corporation's business and to conduct the corporation's affairs. The corporation's bylaws should not be in conflict with the articles of incorporation. A corporation maintains its own bylaws and is not required to file them with the State of Florida.

After You Incorporate in Florida — What's Next?

After your articles are filed and you are accepted by the state of Florida as a corporation, your corporation must hold an organizational meeting where bylaws are adopted and the incorporation process is completed. Share certificates should be distributed to shareholders and these transactions should be recorded on the corporation's stock ledger.