School Zone Speeding

School Zone Speed Limits

Many drivers speed on the highway. I95, The Florida Turnpike, I4, and I10 have drivers flying along at speeds in excess of 70 MPH on a regular basis. Speeding on these highways is dangerous and will cost you anywhere from $80 to over $300 for a speeding ticket. But speeding can cost you much more.

Construction and School Zones

Fines for traffic tickets are not set by the Florida DMV they are instead set by each county. But there are some common State of Florida laws that effect how much you will pay for a speeding ticket. If you speed in the in a School Zone or a Construction Zone your fine is doubled. Below are sample fines from Miami Dade County.

In addition there will be school buses entering or exiting the school. Pay special attention when school buses are present. When a school bus stops you must stop. Never pass a school bus that is loading or unloading children. Passing a stopped school bus is a 4 point infraction and is very dangerous.

Traffic Fines in a School Zone or Construction Zone (example - Miami Dade County

Just Drive Slow

Speeding in a school zone or construction zone may cause you other problems. If children or workers are present when you are caught speeding it is possible that you will receive other violations such as reckless driving.

Stay alert and watch for the School zone and construction signs and be sure to slow down.