Texting and Driving - Florida Ban on Texting While Driving

The Florida Texting and Driving Law changed July 1, 2019

As of July 1, 2019 - Texting while driving is a primary offense, which means you can be pulled over by law enforcement and fined for texting and driving.

Texting While Driving Law Details

Note:The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) will issue warnings in most cases until December 31,2019. In extremely dangerous situations drivers will be cited and fined.

Here are fines and penalties of the new Texting Law

Texting in a school zone or construction zone, or texting that causes a crash can quickly add up to a lot of points on your driving record

School Zones and Work Zones (construction areas)

Starting on October 1, 2019 - "Wireless Communications Devices" (AKA Cell Phones) can only be used in hands free mode if you are driving in School Zones, School Crossings, or active construction zones. Starting on January 1, 2020 you will receive a citation for using any cell phone in a hand held mode in a school zone or construction zone.

The difference in School Zones and Construction Zones is that you cannot hold the phone in your hand for anything — talking, texting, etc

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Distractions while you are driving can be very dangerous. We can't stress enough how important it is to pay full attention to driving while your vehicle is in motion.

5 Seconds = 290 Feet

At 40 MPH you are traveling more than 58 feet per second. So if you look at a text for just 5 seconds, your vehicle has traveled more than 290 feet. Imagine what can happen in that 5 seconds and 290 feet. Cars may have stopped, a child may have walked into the road, and when you look up it is too late to stop.

Don't text and drive, ever.