Florida Turnpike

Florida has many highways. The big ones are the Florida Turnpike, I95, I75, I10, and I4. New arrivals to Florida and even some drivers that have been here a while are not always aware of the choices they have when traveling through Florida.

The Florida Turnpike

The Turnpike runs north to south through Florida. In most cases the Turnpike is the least crowded and fastest way to travel north or south through Florida. The Turnpike runs from Homestead / Florida City in the south to Wildwood / Leesburg in the North. Speed limits on the Florida Turnpike are typically 70 mph with some areas slowing down to 65 mph. The turnpike is a toll road but the time savings is well worth it. When compared with I95 for a trip from Palm Beach to Miami we save about 30 minutes.

Turnpike Stations

Filling up your tank and getting something to eat is quick and easy on the Florida turnpike. Turnpike stations are easy to access because you don't leave the turnpike. Most stations have multiple gas stations that provide basic repair services for flat tires and other emergencies. A variety of food is also available ranging from burgers and pizza to Starbucks coffee.


As you travel the Florida Turnpike and other Florida highways paying tolls has been made very easy with Sunpass. Not only does Sunpass eliminate the need to dig through your car for cash it also makes the trip faster. On a long trip you will save about 20 minutes as you zip through the toll booths. Without Sunpass you may find yourself spending 3 to 5 minutes sitting line to pay each toll.

Emergencies on the Turnpike

If you need help while driving on the Florida Turnpike there are call boxes every mile on both sides. Each call box has a mile marker. The call boxes are not for voice communication they send signals to the Florida High Patrol. To operate a call box you pull the handle down and look at the message panel. You then choose the button that meets your situation. After you send a signal the call box will emit a tone or flash a light to indicate your message has been sent. Response time is typically 45 minutes.

Florida Road Rangers

A fleet of emergency assistance Rangers patrol most of the Florida highways. They're schedule is designed to find a stranded motorist within 45 minutes and provide basic assistance if your car breaks down or you need first aid.