Florida 511 Traffic Updates and Alerts

Want to know when a Florida Turnpike station is out of gas or when a bridge is closed for construction. The Florida 511 system is accessible on the internet at FL511.com and via phone at 511. Both the phone system and website are also available in Spanish.

When you go to FL511.com you can quickly see information about all the highways in Florida. Highway updates include Incidents, Congestion, and Construction.

How to Use 511

The primary goal of 511 is to give you information before you start driving so you can avoid accidents, construction, or anything else that will slow you down.

The best way to use 511 is to setup an account and create common routes you take and create the type of alerts you want to receive for each route. It's very easy, you just do the following:

Create an account with a username and password
2. Go to "User Home Page"

Create a Route

3. Click the "Create Route" button
You might consider creating a route that matches your daily drive to work. Most Florida highways are listed in the system.
I. Select a Roadway (e.g. I95 South)
II. Select a start location (where you get on the road)
III. Select a end location (exit where you get off the road)

Create Alerts

Once you create your route the next step is create alerts. The 511 system allows you to pick the days of the week and times of day that you want to be alerted.

By creating your own routes and alerts you will now be alerted when something goes wrong before you get on the road and you can take an alternate route

Remember you can always call 511 and get instant information.

Traffic Cameras

Another useful tool on FL511.com is traffic cameras. Select your county and a specific highway and you can see all the traffic cameras.

Estimated Travel Times

Florida 511 also has estimated travel times for segments of highways. For example the systems lists I4 West from SR-436 to the Florida Turnpike, shows you the distance, and tells you the estimated travel time based on current conditions.