FL DMV Traffic Violation Points

Know the number of points for a Florida traffic ticket

Your drivers license is one place where points are a bad thing. If you are convicted of traffic violation such as speeding or any moving violation in Florida points will be accessed to your drivers license. And if you are an out of state driver the State of Florida will send the violation details to your state DMV.

You Cannot Remove Points

When you are charged with a traffic violation in Florida in many cases you can avoid getting the points but once the points are on your driving record you cannot remove them. When you pay your fine you usually have three options

  1. Plead guilty and pay the full fine (YOU GET THE POINTS)
  2. Plead NOT GUILTY (go to traffic court)
  3. Elect Traffic School Option (NO POINTS ARE ACCESSED)

Note: you must complete a state approved traffic school course and submit your proof of completion to the clerk of court in the jurisdiction where you received your traffic violation to avoid points

Traffic Fines

Fines vary by County as an Example we have provided the fines for Orange County (The Orlando Area)

Violation Violation Points
Leaving the scene of an accident resulting in property damage of more than $50 6 Points
Unlawful speed resulting in an accident 6 Points
Reckless driving 4 Points
Any moving violation resulting in an accident 4 Points
Passing a stopped school bus 4 Points
Driving During Restricted Hours 3 Points
Unlawful speed - 16 MPH or more over lawful or posted speed 4 Points
Unlawful speed - 15 MPH or less over lawful or posted speed 3 Points
All other moving violations (including parking on a highway outside the limits of municipalities) 3 Points
Violation of curfew 3 Points
Open container as an operator 3 Points
Child restraint violation 3 Points

Notes about Traffic Violation Points

Fines are doubled when infractions occur within a school zone or construction zone, with possible civil penalties up to $1,000 and can be required to complete driving school course.

The driver receives the same number of points listed if the conviction occurs out-of-state or in a federal court.

Traffic School Benefits

The benefits of electing the traffic school option in Florida are that your auto insurance cannot go up and your policy cannot be cancelled. If you complete a state approved traffic school course and submit your certificate of completion to the clerk of court in the county where you received the ticket by their specified deadline adjudication is withheld, which means you are not deemed guilty and you receive no points.