Senior Driver Safety

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Florida has a large senior citizen population and wants to ensure their safety. For ages 79 and younger a Florida Class E drivers license must be renewed every eight (8) years. Starting at age 80, drivers licenses must be renewed every six (6) years and the driver must go into a DMV office to take a vision test. The vision test can also be completed by a Florida-licensed medical doctor such as an osteopathic physician or optometrist.

Florida Elder Affairs

The Elder Affairs Guide helps seniors and their families with resources on topics such as caregiver support, transportation, housing and property rights, health insurance programs, medical care and how to report elder abuse and fraud. The state of Florida hosts the Elders Affairs Resource Directory with guides, information and links .

Florida Grand Driver

The DMV offers the Florida Grand Driver to assist seniors with driver safety awareness and programs. There is a CarFit check up to ensure there is a clear line of sight over the steering wheel, proper distance between driver and steering wheel, seat comfort and seatbelt adjusted properly, easy access to brake pedals and gas, and adjusted head restrains at a good height.

Emergency Contact Information

Register your Emergency Contact Information through the DMV with three (3) designated contacts. You must have a Florida drivers license or ID card to register. This program allows law enforcement to access in case of emergencies.

Report an Unsafe Driver

Florida law allows any physician, person or agency having knowledge of a licensed driver's mental or physical disability to drive to report that knowledge to Florida DMV. This information is kept confidential and no legal action can be taken against the person submitting the report. Sadly last year there were 358 fatal accidents with drivers age 65 plus. If you know or see a driver that should not be driving for their safety or the safety of others, please contact law enforcement.